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The Singing Chef and Friends - Coming Home For The Holidays

Irene Jansen feature on Sunday Times - Bookends (22-12-2013)

Irene Jansen featured on BOSCH Styline Range step-by-step video guides

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The Singing Chef and Friends - Coming Home For the Holidays

Catch Singing Chef Irene Jansen and friends perform at the Esplanade Concourse once again as they ring in the New Year and celebrate good friendships on the 30th and 31st of December!

The evening promises a fun and lively musical while sharing happy memories, laughter and a little feasting in between. Join in the party as the stage transforms into a living room and kitchen, and sing along to popular Broadway, country and disco tunes.

Show Details:

30 Dec 2013, Monday : 6.15 – 6.45PM, 7.15 – 7.45PM, 8.15 – 8.45PM
31 Dec 2013, Tuesday : 6.45 – 7.15PM, 8 – 8.30PM, 9.15 – 9.45PM

VENUE: The Esplanade, Concourse


For recipes of the dishes demonstrated during the performance, watch this space.


Irene Jansen feature on Sunday Times - Bookends (22nd Dec 2013)

Irene Jansen shows how to create restaurant style dishes on BOSCH step-by-step video demonstrations series

Click here to check out all five of Irene Jansen's step-by-step video guides and recipes for BOSCH Styline Range of home appliances.

BOSCH Styline Appliance Models and dishes:

- MUM 8 Kitchen Machine : Parmesan and Sundried Tomato Herbed Bread
- MUM 5 Kitchen Machine : Lemon Custard Tartlets
- MUM 4 Kitchen Machine : Nutty Raspberry Cream Sandwich Cake
- MCM 4 Food Processor : Potato Pasta (Gnocchi)
- MSM 7 Hand Blender: Veggie Dip/ Mango Smoothie/ Chicken Porridge Puree


Press section : E-newsletters

To find out more on what Culinary Adventures have been up to, we have included e-newsletters on our website to update visitors on our events. You can find and download these in our Press section. Click to find out more!

More recipe videos by Irene Jansen

For more interesting recipe video demonstrations by Irene Jansen, check out our Recipes page!

Irene Jansen featured on Planet Food - Singapore

"We featured Irene Jansen in our travel food documentary "Planet Food - Singapore" cooking
her amazing Cripsy Roti Jala with our presenter Angela May.

We found Irene extremely knowledgeable about all things food, from use of ingredients, history and preparation. Her personal mission to get everybody cooking again with simple-to-do recipes is admirable and is one of the reasons why we felt that her story was important.

Thanks for contributing to our show, Irene! Planet Food is a true taste of the exotic. Follow our travellers as they take you on a culinary journey exploring food cultures in some of the world's most delicious destinations."
- Mervin Goh, Producer

For episode sypnosis and recipe -read more

Singapore Arts Festival 2011 - "Mum's Not Cooking"
(Performed at the Kids Arts Village)

"Fruit Trifle Blues"

Watch our junior team of performers as they demonstrate and belt out the recipe of yummylicious Fruit Trifle during the Singapore Arts Festival 2011 at the inaugural Kids Arts Village!


Culinary Adventures branches out from "Singing Chef" stint

Performing in "Singing Chef" in 2010 at Esplanade's Flipside has sparked off more food themed musical productions.

Culinary Adventures in collaboration with Mr Sinclair Ang from Jazz Inc. who choreographed and directed the Swing dance routine, worked with the student talents from the Culinary Courses and dance CCAs of ITE College West for their Opening Ceremony performance on 18 April 2011 titled "The Singing and Swinging Chefs". The guest of honour was none other than our PM Lee Hsien Loong. Check out this exciting performance below.




For more information of our past events, visit our Press page.


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